Sustainability Conference

National Sustainability in Business Conference
Renewables – Markets – Innovation – Opportunities – Capital

Following feedback from Association members and partners the “National Sustainability in Business Conference” has been reconvened, and will be held the Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane from the 23-24 March 2017.

The National Sustainability in Business Conference themed ‘Renewables – Markets – Innovation – Opportunities – Capital’ will address the need for sustainable business practices, and what this means in today’s ever-changing world.

Knowing the importance of building the business case for sustainability, the Conference Program will include an extensive range of topics with keynotes, concurrent sessions, forum presentations, case studies, panel discussions and poster presentations.

Speakers can either provide a 30 minute presentation within the following session topic areas:

  • Renewable Energy Systems and Sources – Biofuel, Biomass, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Hydropower, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Energy Storage and Wind Power. This can also include energy transformation from renewable energy system to grid.
  • Think Local First –  development of the local economy and community, urban agriculture, Buy Local.
  • Innovative Business Opportunities – Incubators, Start Ups, Venture Capital / Entrepreneurs.
  • The Energy Market –  Regulators, Wholesale and Supply Chain, Retailers, Consumer Demand, Carbon trading, Emissions.
  • Trends, Policies and Strategies – current and emerging trends, technologies, research, government policies and industry initiatives within the environmental and sustainability sector

Or present for 15 minutes within an interactive 90 minute Q&A Forum on the following:

  • Renewables Forum: focusing on systems and sources, technology, transformation, policy, research, opportunities, challenges, research and application for business
  • Innovation Forum:  focusing on key trends driving sustainable brand innovation, investment focus, opportunities, challenges, emerging markets, sustainable business practices
  • Opportunities, Markets & Capital Forum: focusing on finance, investment and economic development, business models, radical change in customer value propositions, metrics.


This conference will bring together leading academics, thought leaders, opinion makers and industry experts to deliberate and discuss sustainability issues confronting Australia. The program will be designed to challenge, inspire, demonstrate and encourage participants while facilitating discussion.

There will be a B2B exhibition for companies and entrepreneurs to promote their ideas, products and solutions to assist businesses and government departments achieve profitable sustainability. It will provide an avenue for emerging technologies and services that enable sustainability within business to be reviewed, discussed and promoted.

This Sustainable Education Forum will benefit businesses, individuals and government and provide viable sustainable business options to SME’s.

Keynote Speakers


Dr Jennifer Alden

Health Broker, Growing Change and Chair, Bendigo Regional Food Alliance


Dr Paul Bannister

Projects and Advisory Services Director, Energy Action


Anne-Marie Birkill 

Partner and Executive Director, One Ventures


Mr Peter Castellas 

Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Market Institute


Ms Peta Ellis 

Chief Executive Office, River City Labs


Ms Parrys Raines 

Founder of Climate Girl, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Board Director, Ambassador, Youth Advocate


Tony Wood

Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute

Program Format

The program is intended to provide all participants with an opportunity to contribute and learn.
The program will include:

  • Keynote plenary sessions
  • Presenter concurrent streams based on experiences, research, case studies, and results
  • Interactive Forum Presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Networking function
  • Exhibition of the leading industry professionals
  • Poster presentations
  • Access to presenter podcasts and book of proceedings following the conference

Who Attends Association Conferences?

  • Corporate executives
  • Environmental industry executives
  • Thought leaders, authors, opinion makers and agenda setters
  • Policy makers
  • Energy, climate change, natural resources, research and technology transfer practitioners
  • Media
  • Built-environment professionals
  • Major development banks, development organisations, and aid agencies
  • Academics
  • Insurance and financial institutions, and venture capitalists
Paula Drayton - National Sustainability in Business Conference National Sustainability in Business Conference

Like minded Associations or groups who want their members to have access to special discounted rates should contact the secretariat (E)

The conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc (a non-government not for profit organisation) and its partners.

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