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Presenters or organisations are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words for the 2017 National Sustainability in Business Conference.  All proposals will be reviewed by the program committee. Presentations will be selected that provide a program offering a comprehensive and diverse treatment of issues related to the conference theme.

Note: Presenters are required to register for the conference and pay the discounted speaker rate.

Oral / Panel / Poster Presentation

Oral presentations will be of 30 minutes duration (20 minute presentations and 10 minute discussion).  Presentations can address research, innovation, emerging trends, technologies, policies, strategies, public awareness and branding issues, environmental industry initiatives, future challenges and directions within the following topic areas:

  • Renewable Energy Systems and Sources: Biofuel, Biomass, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Hydropower, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Energy Storage and Wind Power. This can also include energy transformation from renewable energy system to grid.
    • Presentations within this topic area should include innovative developments; trends; leading research; successful use on a small and large scale; opportunities within Australia; issues affecting the use and development; economic parameters
  • Think Local First: development of the local economy and community, urban agriculture, Buy Local.
    • Successful examples of the local economy in operation; working with community to develop the local economy; opportunities for business; business working with government; community campaigns; broader outcomes for society
  • Innovative Business Opportunities: Incubators, Start Ups, Venture Capital / Entrepreneurs.
    • Where are the opportunities; challenges; presentations can include case studies; sustainable business development; unique models; finance
  • The Energy Market: Regulators, Wholesale and Supply Chain, Retailers, Consumer Demand, Carbon trading, Emissions.
    • Polices; issues; trends; future challenges and opportunities
  • Trends, Policies and Strategies: current and emerging trends, technologies, research, government policies and industry initiatives within the environmental and sustainability sector

Forum Presentation
Forum presentations should be of 15 minutes duration with no more than 10 slides, to be presented within a 90 minute forum. The forum will consist of 5 presentations at 15 minutes each and will conclude with a 15 minute question & answer session.

Forum Themes

  • Renewables Forum: focusing on systems and sources, technology, transformation, policy, research, opportunities, challenges, research and application for business
  • Innovation Forum:  focusing on key trends driving sustainable brand innovation, investment focus, opportunities, challenges, emerging markets, sustainable business practices
  • Opportunities, Markets & Capital Forum: focusing on finance, investment and economic development, business models, radical change in customer value propositions, metrics

Untitled-8Oral Presentation
The presentation should outline the important points of the presentation and highlight the content to be communicated. It may outline the aims, methods, relevance, results and conclusions of the work, research, project or case study. Abstracts should not include tables, figures or references.

Papers not selected for oral presentation might be given the option of poster presentation.

Panel Presentation
Panel presentations bring together the views from a group of presenters into a discussion of innovative ideas, current topics, and relevant issues.  The panel presentation is to comprise of two components:
◦ Presentations from the members of the panel. Total of 60 minutes.
◦ Question and answers between the delegates and panel members. Total of 30 minutes.

One combined submission with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 individual presenters must be submitted by one author on behalf of the group.

Each panel will consist of a chair and panelists. The chair is to be the main organiser of the session and main contact for the session. The chair will coordinate the preparation, theme of presentations, be the timekeeper, and facilitate the Q&A session. Panelists will provide brief presentation on the theme of the panel. Each panelist is expected to provide a different perspective on the topic of discussion.

The chair will be required to submit a title of the panel, names and affiliations of all participants, including the chair, and an abstract overview of 300 words.

Poster Presentation
Poster presentations are visual displays of material to be presented and constitute an interactive and communicative medium, usually combining text and graphics information. Posters may be on any topic relevant to the Conference themes.

Posters will be displayed in the venue foyer and for the duration of the Conference. It is expected that presenter should be available during meal breaks to discuss it with participants. Specific information regarding size and mounting requirements will be provided with the notice of acceptance.

Peer Review
Accepted oral and panel presenters will have the opportunity to have their full paper peer reviewed published in the Conference Proceedings with an ISBN. Please indicate if you will be presenting an academically oriented, professional paper for consideration for publication in the Conference Proceedings for which you request peer refereeing on the submission form.

Terms and Conditions
All presenters will be required to register and pay in order to ensure their abstract is included in the final program. A discounted registration is available to all presenters.

By submitting an abstract you give consent to publication of the abstract in Conference material, including but not limited to, the Conference Blog, Book of Proceedeedings, Association Journal and Social Media.

The presenter is responsible for the accuracy of the content. All submissions must be completed electronically via the online submission form. If you are unable to submit in this manner, please contact the conference secretariat for further options.



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