Program Committee

Prof Damien Giurco, Professor of Resource Futures, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Damien Giurco is Professor of Resource Futures and Director (Innovation) at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney. His work with government and industry focuses on resource stewardship and he directs the Wealth from Waste Cluster, a collaborative research program supporting circular economy pathways and policies for metals. He is Editor-in-Chief for the journal Resources and also serves on the NSW Container Deposit Scheme Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Alistair Coulstock – Director, Action Sustainability Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

Alistair is a leading expert in the subject of sustainable environments. His expertise spans strategy, design and engineering in outdoor spaces, buildings, towns and cities. He has significant experience developing and facilitating sustainable vision and values workshops for many clients. Alistair has an inherent talent for understanding the importance of creating places for people whilst keeping front of mind our reliance on the environment.

For almost 20 years Alistair has focused his efforts on professional projects across the world, assisting clients such as Lendlease, GPT, Investa, Westfield and many more achieve world leading status in sustainability. During this time, he has raised compelling arguments for change, both in business and in our built environment.

Utilizing systems thinking, Alistair has presented leading ideas at conferences and lectures at various universities on passive and active design for our environment. He has also worked with cross sector ventures to develop strategies for delivering sustainable livelihoods for developing countries.

Mr David Malicki, Senior Team Leader, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

David Malicki has been with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage since 2007, and currently leads the Energy Efficient Business unit.

Business programs that David has led have netted a saving of over $400M for NSW business participants this decade. Over 700 energy audits for large users have driven a significant amount of change, and training courses for professionals have helped educated and bring practical skills to over 15,000 decision makers. With a sharp focus on implementation, David has driven innovative change in the energy efficiency industry, especially in the areas of LED lighting, HVAC optimisation, cogeneration and battery storage.

David has a Masters in Politics and Public Policy.

Other Committee Members

Ms Pauline Gregg, General Manager, Environment, Telstra

Ms Natalia McGregor, Environment & Sustainability Manager ANZ, Sims Metal Management