Workshop: The Long Future Executive Briefing

Introduced and presented by David A Hood AM, Chairman, The Long Future Foundation
Presented by Guy Lane, Executive Director, The Long Future Foundation

Date: Wednesday 22 March, 1:30 – 5:30pm followed by an exclusive Networking Function

Price: $195 per person including Certificate of Attendance, afternoon tea, exclusive Networking Function with drinks & canapes.

The Long Future Executive Briefing

Sometimes, it seems that the conversation about sustainability is like looking through a telescope the wrong way. The dialogue is focused on specific products and services in the here-&-now, set in an imaginary world of economics where the ‘long-term’ means three-to-five years. It’s like wandering around in a maze with a map that shows the route, but not what lies around each corner.

It makes you want to jump into a hot air balloon and get a proper overview, with the telescope pointed the right way around.

That’s what the Long Future Foundation wants for you.

Long Future is a conceptual model that helps you understand sustainability in its broadest sense. It enables you to place the sectoral sustainability issues of your workplace into the widest context.

Long Future is not another workshop on corporate social responsibility, shared value, or the triple bottom line. Instead, it’s an invitation to an enquiry about who we are as leaders, what our race is doing on this planet, and why. It is a frank appraisal of the challenges that we face, what we have baked into the future, and the extraordinary opportunities that come from this enlightenment.

To understand and prosper despite the seismic shifts taking place in the global ecosystem and the economy that it contains, it is necessary to be versed in a range of concepts that most people have never heard of. Most people have never heard of phytoplankton (for example), nor how they might soon leave us short of breath.

Few people know the difference between the Blue and the Circular Economies. And few are familiar with the Anthropocene, Planetary Boundaries, the Habitable Zone, the Carbon Bubble, and Near Term Extinction.

Yet these concepts form the foundations of a pathway – as yet unmarked – to align the interests of humans with the interests of the biophysical systems of our planet, upon which all life depends.

Conducted over three hours the Long Future Executive Briefing includes powerful audio-visual, powerpoint, passion, spoken word, and registrant participation.

Your involvement in this unique event will equip you with the knowledge; empathy and insights to position your organisation as one that does not just survive, but thrives, into the Long Future. There are limited spaces, so register now.

David A Hood AM & Guy Lane - The Long Future Foundation

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